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Monday, September 16, 2013


spent this morning typing on the book at

27,580 words down. a quarter of the way (or so) down... several more to go.

the protagonist has come to understand several problems but has yet to discover the biggest problem (the premise) of the book. this will come as a shock and a surprise to him and will unhinge his belief that his own problems are anything at all.

so the tiny problems that are solved are met with even larger problems.

jennifer, my wife, is my chief editor as well as my number one critic and has told me that there is not enough action in the book yet... well, it's not a jason bourne novel so it's not action packed from beginning to end.

so discoveries will lead to more discoveries with a climax at the action packed ending.

so far we have had mostly setup and introduction, as this is a very different type of novel than most that i have read. which is good.

i don't want to write what others have written, but i know it will be enjoyable to the:

1) avid reader
2) sci-fi fan
2.5) fantasy fan
3) scientist
4) conspiracy nut
5) nut

i don't aim to please... i aim to create, and create well.

wordsmithing! it's a fun thing!

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