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Sunday, February 23, 2014


worked on the goal last night and today. looking good. typed more than i was required to for goal, and am up to 68,770 - which is good.

watched a bunch of videos on "how to write a novel".

this was one of the funniest ones yet. it's so droll, and it goes on and on. hilarious.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

100 days to finish?

so i broke out the arithmetic side of my brain, dusted off some cobwebs and got to thinking...

there are:

8 days left in february
31 days in march
30 days in april
31 days in may
30 days in june
31 days in july

that would put me done typing on august first (which is my goal).

that's 161 days.

67,000 words typed as of today...

so that's 33,000 words left to goal.

if i write 204 words a day i can have it done by august first?

yes. good goal.

but will it be done at 100,000?

maybe not.

how about trying to get to 100,000 words on may the 31st?

that's 100 days.

330 words per day.

that's a better goal.

but if i SKIP A DAY, i have to write 660 the next day.

skip two days?

990 words.

so, no skipping.

and i will be at 100,000 on may the 31st.

good goal.

that gives me two months to noodle around with it until i feel that it's right.

the month of june to add, subtract, rewrite, add in foreshadowing, clues and harbingers...

the month of july to do it all over again and add in even more character depth, dialogue and "feel".

and at that point, who cares if i am over or short the 100,000 word limit?

not really me. it's just a goal that i have in mind, and the book is seemingly falling into this plan.

two rewrites should be enough to add, flesh-out, grow, expand and develop...

good plan.

melinda pesta might be proud of me.

predicting the future - the insert key

one day someone will code the SCROLL LOCK button to be an INSERT LOCK button.

have you wondered why sometimes when you type, it types OVER what you just typed?

that's the insert key.

it's hiding over there by page up

punch it and watch the difference...

and WHO ACTUALLY uses the scroll lock key anymore besides PERL programmers?


gaining an editor -

send a non-disclosure agreement to my editor friend today and will see if, when, he sends it back... i can send him the first ten chapters or so.

i am happy to eek this out to him a little at a time, hoping for the critique to come back in trickles.

it is tricky (for me) translating from a poetical-writing point of view to move into novelization.


so... good news.

that way i can kind of multi-task when i get slowed down inside the story to bounce back and forth and polish off earlier bits.

i don't know if other writers work like this, but it's how i roll.

i'm paying my editor friend in free credit (not dollars) at the beginning of the book, so i hope i don't drive him nuts and monopolize all of his free time, i hope the cost of doing business with me is worth the price that i am paying him.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


up to 65,580 words. if you take the novel at around 250 words per page, that's around 262 pages of full text. that's alright for a start.

i've introduced a new character in the second half of the novel. not really a "part two" thing, but it could be...

i am trying to stay away from popular hollywood schemes and twice now have asked my wife if this "trick" would work or was it too "hollywood"... i've been shot down twice now... thankfully.

jennifer hart is indeed a champion of literature and a great person to follow on facebook. you should follow her antics HERE.

thanks for saving me from hollywood tricks jennifer.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Release Date Poster


62,517 words down... two more to go at the end: "the end". but i have a little while to go just yet.

talking to an editor friend of mine about getting it to him soon, maybe august first...

they then get it back to me by september first...

and i wrap it all up and get it published... maybe... october 31st?


let's do that then.

halloween sounds like a plan. what better day?