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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Final edits being made by myself, my wife and my brother.

I am pushing the limit on time.

Next book, I won't give myself such a short deadline.

Feeling squished!


{cracks whip}


Sunday, September 28, 2014

MacGuffin: The plot device

Objects that serve the plot function of MacGuffins have had long use in storytelling. Such objects in stories continue through to the name-sake of the 1941 film, The Maltese Falcon and beyond. The name "MacGuffin" appears to originate in 20th-century filmmaking, and was popularized by Alfred Hitchcock in the 1930s; but the concept pre-dates the term. The World War I–era actress Pearl White used weenie to identify whatever object (a roll of film, a rare coin, expensive diamonds, etc.) impelled the heroes and villains to pursue each other through the convoluted plots of The Perils of Pauline and the other silent film serials in which she starred.

The director and producer Alfred Hitchcock popularized both the term "MacGuffin" and the technique, with his 1935 film The 39 Steps, an early example of the concept. Hitchcock explained the term "MacGuffin" in a 1939 lecture at Columbia University: He used the two men in the train story which follows.

Interviewed in 1966 by Fran├žois Truffaut, Alfred Hitchcock illustrated the term "MacGuffin" with this story:

It might be a Scottish name, taken from a story about two men on a train. One man says, "What's that package up there in the baggage rack?" And the other answers, "Oh, that's a MacGuffin". The first one asks, "What's a MacGuffin?" "Well," the other man says, "it's an apparatus for trappinglions in the Scottish Highlands." The first man says, "But there are no lions in the Scottish Highlands," and the other one answers, "Well then, that's no MacGuffin!" So you see that a MacGuffin is actually nothing at all.

Word Smithing Poem

Sometimes it's easy.

Sometimes it's hard.

Changing crappy sentences into gold.


"Even though it had only been minutes this time, most were already drifting off back to sleep again."


"Though it had been only minutes, most were drifting back to sleep."

But that's what I'm doing.

The next twenty days.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Proof

A painting of mine and a quick "hurry-up" job to the printer and I had a cover.

NOTHING as cool as the cover will be when it comes in from my designer.

Coming up with a nice readable 11 point font was tough.

But now, it looks great and FEELS like a good book too.

Oh I am so happy.

I know you're going to enjoy it.

cave snippet

From my book, chapter 17:

"I saw that we were not in a single room, but a larger cavern. We were in a cage built into the rock with native stone and bars rising to the top of the ceiling. It was dank. like an old armpit on a heavy man. Musky and rotten."

gotta wait for more!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

making the text look nice

is a chore, but worth it to have a nice finished product that everyone will love and adore.


i've noticed that while, i don't use cliche's, i do however say

"seems" and "indeed"

WAY too often.

i have the power of the delete key at my disposal.

and i am NOT SHY.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Curled up in a chair...

...reading my book.

Oh. Glory be. I can read my book as a book. It's back from the publisher and I am quite happy.

Notes to self:


Clunky sentences.
Soon TBF

Weird Paragraphs

Part Intros
Move down

Introduction rewrite


Fix Freaking Darn Page Numbers.

Font Fixes
Minion Pro, Dauphin, Century725 Cn BT

Fix Intros
Moved, Arranged

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Proof is back from the publishers

So I hold in my hand (hold on)... Yes. I hold in my hand (typing one handed) the proof copy to my book.


Formerly, when I announced to you that I was holding my book in my hand, I was typing. It's actually still touching my elbow now. I don't want my book to NOT touch me, so I will just let it rest here, next to my elbow, fresh from the publishers, from whence it came, on angels wings, riding a glittering rainbow.

I am going to go out and buy a new red pen tomorrow and mark it all up, taking away silly parts and goofy parts. Chop chop chop will go the steady beat of the writers Chuffa Blade.

Yeahhhh. It's gonna be a clean version and a good version when I release it.


I have a meeting this week with my book jacket designer. He has two ideas that he wants to pitch to me. I'll bet they both are awesome.


I love lamp.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

proof ordered

my first proof is in the mail from my publisher.

now we are so happy we do the dance of joy!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Library of Congress approved

Got my registered copyright back from the Library of Congress today!

woo hoo!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Word Count

122,927 words. That's a lot.

My goal was less, but that's ok.

I can still cut a chunk for the abridged edition.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014


doing quite a bit of editing today thanks to my wonderful beta-readers!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


taking most of the day to go thru and edit text. rearranging sentences and such takes a little time, but the reader is worth it.

i just hope things make sense and the book is not boring.

gosh no.

not boring at all actually.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

9/4/14 - Beta Readers are Great

I have my beta readers hard at work, and they are doing a fine job of bringing things to my attention that need to be fixed. Things like typos, grammar, etc...

Here is an example of encouragement from one of them. This actually wins some kind of  award in my mind for awesomeness.

"...instead of telling us how tired and hungry (Character) is, describe the dead pain in his feet and muscles cramping with each movement; and knots in the pits of his stomach, the sweat running down his back, the stench of body odor burning his nose, etc."

Hope to use this trick when I write. I need to do a better job of showing and not telling.

Great Advice!

Go Team!