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Monday, June 30, 2014


This is a teaser from my actual story arc you see before you. it probably doesn't mean anything to you at this time, but it helps me build the story for your enjoyments. My Characters, Plot, Plot Layers, and Subplots hopefully will be woven like a tapestry. Working on all of these at once is tough.

But I'm working nonetheless.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

the other shoe has been suspended

if any of you know the old colloquialism: "waiting for the other shoe to drop", then you can take the title to this blog post as either "suspended as a train departure" or "caught in a non-newtonian gravitational field".

either way, you get the picture that the other shoe hasn't dropped/won't drop/refuses to drop.

and that's the picture i am going for.

because i know nothing about how terrible i am as a novel writer.

nor how good.

so when you read my book you may just hate it.

i have read this blog post (which wasn't really anything, and the article it references to isn't any big thing either... what IS worth reading are the comments below:

what i have realized is that i have only really invited five people to read my book and only one of them has, who, being my best friend and wife is reluctant to tell me what she really thinks about it.

the other day i drug it out of her after she excitedly read me a passage from a garth nix novel. "he's so visual!" she exclaimed after reading about a man opening a door.

"yeah. i would have focused on the action and his reasons for doing it and his thought process. like stephen king. all internal. i would have let you guess about the door. i would have given you some sound though."

and such...

and she hates the way i don't tell you that thing that you can see right in front of you is blue, yellow, red and square and six sided and is a complex algorithmic puzzle with peeling stickers.

i would have told you that the rubix cube had seen a lot of abuse from dave's frustrated attempts to solve it, and one day he had taken all the stickers off and moved them around.

so. will you like my piece?

i don't know.

if you want me to tell you what you are looking at, then, maybe no.

if you want to have a roller-coaster ride of imagination, then maybe yes.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


The joy luck club was 91,000 words.

I just finished 93,127 yesterday.

But really, it's not the quantity, yeah?

Thursday, June 19, 2014


91,500 and growing stronger. Just wrote a really cool scene. Good stuff.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Setting up minor characters to save the day later

Fixed up one of the upstairs room in our new home into a little writing studio. Have the window open to the nice breeze. Have some chillstep playing in the  background. Watching the cat chase flies around the room. Involving myself with my book is a wonderful thing in this new setting.

I've just introduced a new character right as the climax in the book is starting. I was hoping to have it started in the last chapter, but I still had some things to mop up. Now I believe that I can begin.

I don't know what will happen to this new character and his side-kick. He might just be one of those characters who shows up to save the day once and then dies heroically.

This is acceptable. I am a fan of the HBO show: "Game of thrones" and they used it very successfully in their episode last Sunday. Several episodes ago we had a brief laugh with a young boy who was the best shot in his little town and was laughed off the rest of the men at the nights watch. That was the setup for this kid, so then he's running the elevator on s4e9 during the battle of Castle Black and Sam tells him to grab a weapon and fight only to have his character resolve a huge plot dilemma that has been escalating with Jon Snow, one of the major characters in the show.

So, to use it correctly, you win and solve things. I don't know of times where it's been used incorrectly... but they are probably out there. Here is the (now viral) clip of the resolution scene of this conflict with the minor character saving the day... With some fitting music.