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Friday, December 20, 2013


happy first day of winter. 52,000 words finished on ye olde booke.


got up earlier than the birds, took the deck today and a memstick to the coffeeshop and only got 2000 pounded out. eh. i got 5000 the night before at steak n shake. add wifi and my productivity goes into the toilet.

if there was only a way to have a great coffeeshop and me NOT being able to access the internet... that would be wonderful. i guess i could make a password on the deck and have my wife set it so i wouldn't know it lol.

it's good though because i've moved/transitioned well into the next major part of the book. this has only happened once before and we were also setting up the character so this time, when it happens, it is like butter on a bald monkey: pretty smooth.

ok! test writing time!

"the sunlit backdrop exploded over the mountains like a whores kiss on a hurried sailor."

a little something i cooked up upon reflection that i have not written enough scenic background into my book. still working on it. i don't think whores and sunshine go well together normally, except maybe, in this one sentence.

have a good Christ-mass.

talk at ya soon.

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