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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Chapter 52

 "I thought it was just the professors that were ignoring certain facts," Oliver continued the next night. "There were certain unexplained anomalies that would occur again and again, enough to become regular occurrences, and yet, again and again, the lead professor at a dig site would call it an anomaly."

"Uh. I don't think any of us has an idea as to what you are referring to, young man." Harris offered. The rest of us had just gotten seated and Rolf had gotten the heater lamp started.

"Oh! Oh my god, sorry. I must confess, I've been thinking about this all day and am just now verbalizing my results. Let me start again. My professor was part of a team who went to visit the Lines in Paracas, Peru. You know, the geoglyphs that you can see from space? Drawn on the earth thousands of years ago. The monkey, condor, spider, spirals, the hand, the parrot, there are over fifty in all. We thought fifty two exactly, each week of the year marked in perfect time. The ancient Peruvians were masters of the sky."

Harris shifted in his seat. "So the anomalies were with the lines."

Oliver almost winced. "No, not at all. That was only a piece to a larger puzzle. Look. The lines around Palpa and Nazca were just markers for the extra-terrestrials. Sort of a directory of what goes where. One of the lines is actually a runway. But the mystery is larger, so much larger. Alright, they believed..."

"And the 'they' is..."

"Oh the group that went with my professor. A collaboration of sorts. A couple of doctoral candidates, four archaeologists and an architect along with my professor, a paleontologist. My professor was the one with the most doubts mind you, and this had been a big deal for him. They went to the Nazca lines, Machu Pichu, Lake Titicaca and a few other places on a tour. "

"What were they doing?" Doctor Meera asked, turning towards him.

"Corporate field research, and more than that I believe; two of the anthropologists had been working on a paper together in which they postulated that you might be able to find proof of an ancient alien civilization that once lived here on earth."

Maxwell laughed. "Ancient aliens. I knew it. Come on professor Oliver, tell us some more malarkey."

"Oliver, don't mind him," the doctor said. "Go on. What was the summary of their theory?"

"Alright," Oliver shifted in his seat, tucking his leg under the other, "It's like this: If we see civilization springing up suddenly from Sumeria, and we see these two hot spots of Peru and Crete evolve almost at exactly at the same pace, using the same technology, then there had to have been others helping man out, training him on how to raise himself out of the barbaric state that he was in. There must have been direct involvement with another sentient life-form."

Most of us were thinking about this already, I asked: "And they were fifty feet tall?"

"Sad that, really. They didn't find any evidence of giants in Peru. What they did find is a bit more complicated than that. Alright, imagine that the ancients had technology that allowed them to splice genes..."

I laughed along with a couple of others; Doctor Meera smiled.

"Just... Just imagine, alright? Now if I took my genes and say, a healthy aliens, and created a zygote, then I placed it into a healthy egg. The zygote would germinate and there would be life. This would not be an alien, nor would it be a human. It would be a completely new species. A hybrid man-alien. Imagine the repercussions of such a monster. If the giants were the aliens, then the cone-heads found in Peru were their hybrid children."

"Cone-heads," Rhianna smirked. "You mean the people who distorted their heads for religion?"

"Yes and no," Oliver slid off his tucked leg and sat cross-legged. I didn't know if he was nervous or just excited. "Yes, in that they did do that for religion. The religion of alien worship." None of us were buying this. "Look, alright, there are many people all over the world, at about the same time who went knocking about and changed the shape of their head. Why? What was the point? Well the team found some alien heads as well as some human heads. They were both different and unique. They were not the same.

"Ok, we have have three cranial plates. The frontal plate and two pariental plates," He pointed at the different parts of his head. "Some of them had this, and you could see the malformation of the plates... but others only had two plates. A frontal and an occipital plate. They were much thicker and had fibers running through-out them. Their brain capacity was 25% larger, the eyes and nose was larger, but not only that, the most exciting thing was the two holes that served as a secondary connection to the cerebellum or hypothalamus."

Doctor Meera had been grimacing, chewing the inside of her lip as she listened to this last part.

"It's..." she began.

"It's time for bed," Adira said.

And, just so, as we were getting up and preparing to sleep, Vlin Tak and Atta walked by, eyeing us.

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