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Sunday, November 10, 2013


i have had a chore of building the middle part of the rising climax of the book, so as it does not get boring and think i have finally pulled the proverbial sword from the stone so that i might slay the dragon of writers block.

indeed, i hand-wrote a two page outline that spells out most big things until the climax...

thinking that it might still be too slow, i called my wife and started asking her questions about speech to action ratios in some of the better books she read.

and it's like a 75% to 25% ratio in the better ones that are in my genre, so i am adding more complications and things to keep things fluid and not lose interest...

when a writer DOES lose their audience, it often occurs in the middle... but the trick is to ramp up the struggle between the protagonist and his quest, build on what is already going on, and push the fight onward.

so this is what i did today.

it looks pretty good.

i even had to change some things on my reference maps and charts that i have been working with.

it's just that good.

i look forward to finishing even more than you look forward to reading!

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