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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


after a wonderful money making fourteen and a half hour day - i here sit; ready to....write? sleep. dang. the good news is, i only work four hours tomorrow so i can devote some time to making a dent in the middle.

so... i'm reading michael crichtons book: timeline and was wondering why i like him so much. i dunno.

i think that his style is often, as i am reading, disjointed and random... but he does things on purpose. why? i think because he wants to establish certain facts about his characters. like: say for instance, that he wants to show that they have compassion. he will have someone killed and zoom in on the characters tears falling off of their cheek instead of coming out and telling us that they are a compassionate soul. brilliant! show me don't tell me!

so, yeah. it works... i've just never known why before.

i also enjoy neal town stephenson and his insanity. he will not only tell me how the character is, on the inside, he will build up elaborate stories-within-stories to show just how far the character feels this way or that way... and will teach me science at the same time.

this is probably the same reason that i enjoy arthur conan doyle.

hmmm. it seems i did a bit of writing after all?

nah. this doesn't count.

off to bed!

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