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Thursday, February 20, 2014


gaining an editor -

send a non-disclosure agreement to my editor friend today and will see if, when, he sends it back... i can send him the first ten chapters or so.

i am happy to eek this out to him a little at a time, hoping for the critique to come back in trickles.

it is tricky (for me) translating from a poetical-writing point of view to move into novelization.


so... good news.

that way i can kind of multi-task when i get slowed down inside the story to bounce back and forth and polish off earlier bits.

i don't know if other writers work like this, but it's how i roll.

i'm paying my editor friend in free credit (not dollars) at the beginning of the book, so i hope i don't drive him nuts and monopolize all of his free time, i hope the cost of doing business with me is worth the price that i am paying him.

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