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Friday, October 24, 2014

100th post

good morning, good evening, wherever you may be, whatever time it is!

i just wanted to write a quick hello and thank you for all of you who are old fans of this blog.

my first post was in january of 2013 when i was still banging out interesting plot ideas and now here it is, six days before it is released to the public and i am just as nervous and concerned now as i was then with how it will come off.

this is the largest piece of art that i have ever done. most of the time, it takes me hours or DAYS at maximum to work on, edit and finish a painting or music... even a play takes quicker than a novel!


so understand me when i say that not only am i relieved that it is coming to an end, but also happy.

i want to move on to make some games for a while.

i might do a little here and there with BTGOTGOE, you know, like maybe release a short story or whatever... but i don't want to type for a while. it has gotten tedious and honestly i am concerned for my marriage because of the book.

eh. the quicker the better.

love you guys: readers, fans and critics alike.

hope you enjoy the book.

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