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Saturday, August 23, 2014

The release is coming soon

Working steadily on the book every day. I say this tongue-in-cheek, for I just took three days off from editing to do other tasks.

The book is progressing very well and I am hopeful that you have taken the time to link this blog, or the pictures from it to a friend.

If you appreciate Stephen King, or find Dean Koontz tolerable, then you will probably like this little project of mine.

I looked for quite some time to find the proper genre' for this book, and finally settled on: Supernatural Thriller.

Here is a huge list of Supernatural Thrillers that you might find interesting if you like to read them.

I have had a wonderful time writing and editing this book and hope to entertain you, but one of my focuses is to create money.

I believe that this will be the first novel of many.

I know I have at least ten more book ideas ready to go at this moment, but I must first publish this one.

It would be my great honor if you would link this page or share any of the following pictures at the end of this blog post to your friends with either email or social computing.

I appreciate you all and look forward to getting a copy of the book into your hands!

-Pauly Hart

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