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Sunday, August 31, 2014

like a kid in a candy store, every dog has his day.

the funny thing about editing is that you don't really know how much of a slob you are when you write until you edit what you've written.

take, for instance, my cliche usage. i don't actually write that poorly to have written in many cliches but i have been running my book thru a program called "clichecleaner" and i have found several phrases that i perchance use too much.

the four main culprits are:

"i have no idea"
"i had no idea"
"at the end of the day"
"it dawned on me"

not surprisingly, i actually use these cliches in every day life as well as the word "indeed".

what is surprising is that "angel of death" appeared in the list of common phrases or cliches to remove.

and that's funny. normally, when people use the term: "angel of death", they mean something else... like a person who kills people, or less often, as a disease or pestilence. i have the honor of having the ACTUAL ANGEL OF DEATH appear in my book. so when i use the term, it isn't a cliche.

i just thought that was a funny thing to point out.

no spoiler alert needed. he is in the prologue.


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