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Sunday, July 6, 2014

07/06/2014 - done writing

finished writing the book yesterday.

total word count is 101,694

i think i wrote somewhere in the neighborhood of six thousand words yesterday.

celebrated it last night with my towns tribute to venezuela independence day (july 5th)

just me and the wife on the front porch hugging and me kissing on her neck on our swing.

i will never forget yesterday as one of the highlights of my life.

my wife is so cool. she made ribs and potatoes and various other foods to help me nurture my body so my mind could concentrate.


now that i am done writing, it is time to start word-smithing.

for those of you who don't know anything about the creation of art, each genre is different.

i paint, so i will use that as an illustration for the clarification of writing

imagine tempra or acrylic or latex paint. you paint something and it's done.

now imagine a damp oil canvas. you can mess around with that for days or weeks if you want to.

now imagine a substance that never dries. that is written language.

you can go and edit summerian text today if you wanted to. words are as fluid as a stream until they are copied.

the more copies you make, the more valid it is.

like put an isbn on something and its not as valid as something that is THE SAME and there are five million copies of it.

so in this one rare form of art, the establishment of it comes with the duplication of it.

again, let me express an idea. each child in a classroom has an identical text book. one boy scribbles out a word that he doesn't like. his book is now not valid in comparison to the rest of the class. however, if all the children scribbled out that one word, then the validity of the one boys piece increases.

funny to think of it that way eh?

SO! now that i have WRITTEN it, it is time to SMITH it.

take all of those letters, words, blurbs, sentences, paragraphs,chapters and parts and turn them into ONE well oiled machine of storytelling.

looks like fun!

have a great week!


note: my wife and i just discussed the philosophical ramifications of the above text and she was quite impressed with it's acumen. it's hard to impress that woman.

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