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Thursday, July 3, 2014

writing fighting

today i had a conversation with my friend about my climactic writing. there is some fighting in it.

"oh that's easy!" he exclaimed! "it's this happened! then this happened! then this happened!"

"sure," i said, "but that gets tedious after a while."

here is a great article about fighting that i found interesting today.

here is my favorite snippet form that article:

"Years ago, I had a long chat with a world-class weapons and combat expert about fighting. I asked him who was the most dangerous opponent in a fight.

His answer-- “In a bar fight most men will keep fighting until they go down. Later, they’ll get up, and we might have a beer together. A small man doesn’t do that.

“To him, it’s not a fight, it’s survival. He’s fighting to kill because he knows he might not survive otherwise. If he goes down, he doesn’t stay down. He comes right back up and keeps fighting until he takes you down.

“He’ll use any weapon he can find to kill you, too.

“Never pick a fight with a small man.”

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