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Monday, July 14, 2014

Quote by Jerry Pinto

"All writing starts in alchemy... It's like: "Who knows why I'm choosing to this? But I'm choosing to do this... Let's see where this goes and how it goes and what happens." That's the lovely part!That's when everything's exciting and fresh and you don't know whether it's going to be this magnificent thing or it's going to be shit! And you're working really hard at it!

Then you realize that this is something, that it has to be done, that chapter has to be moved here and this paragraph, and you're slogging on at it... But then comes craft. and craft requires you to fall out of love with your work, to walk away from it and to take a cold critical look at it and say: "Should I kill some trees, that you should be born?" And if you keep saying that to yourself and if you keep looking rigourously at your work...

For every one word that I put out, I kill about five hundred. I write thousands of words and I abandon them! They're my monster children... At some level I love them too, but I can't possibly inflict them on anybody else. So I keep those out of the public space.

Only by being the most stern parent you can be, do you ever produce a child that someone else can love."

-Jerry Pinto

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