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Friday, July 11, 2014


went to the printer a couple of days ago and typed off all 342 pages of my book for around $11, which was nice, since my printer at home is being monsterously obnoxious.

it was nice to have a friend take a look at it and giggle a little bit and then hand it back to me and tell me that he likes my writing style.

took a book break yesterday.

my cat, toasted marshmallow, slept in the box that the printer gave it to me in. he didn't have anything bad to say either... so at least one person and one cat think it's ok so far.

today, tomorrow and sunday i will handcuff my ankle to my chair and work until i finish editing the whole thing. then i will work the edits on the soft copy, then i will scrutinize it yet again.

i think what i will do in a couple of weeks (since the whole thing is just an .rtf file at the moment), is move it back over to scriviner writing software and give it another edit.

i like that program a lot but felt a little intimidated at it for the limitations that it was giving me in getting the actual story moving along.

i have a lot of work left to do...

not much time to do it.

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